what is Overactive bladder?

OAB or Overactive Bladder is a common communication condition between the bladder and the brain that affects both Men and Women.  OAB can cause several various problems affecting daily living. 

The two most common ways that OAB is diagnosed are frequency and urgency.  Frequency is having to go to the bathroom often with little relief throughout that day (having to pee every few minutes to hours) or waking up throughout the night while sleeping to pee (known as nocturia).  Urgency is the warning that one gets when they need the bathroom.  With OAB, there are often times where the urge is sudden or with very little warning.  Overactive bladder symptoms may make you think that you frequently have and are often confused with bladder infections.


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 The Steps to treating Overactive Bladder can be seen below

The Path to a Better Bladder

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