When your bladder says go...

The Bladder initiative

So what is the Bladder Initiative? It's using all of the tools available focused on putting you back in control of your schedule, not your bladder.  This initiative is focused on patients struggling with that feeling of having to go all of the time.  Patients who know where every bathroom in the city is. Patients who are tired of constantly getting up in the middle of the night, and patients who simply do not have control of their bladder (or bowels)!  Fill out the survey below and see how you fare!  Once you do the bladder survey, lets begin with a voiding diary to see exactly where the starting point is and how much growth is needed!

Although there are other bladder issues that may need to be treated, there are two that are the main point of the Bladder Initiative.  They are Over Active Bladder, Stress Incontinence, or a combination of the two known as mixed incontinence.

Do you always need to know where the bathroom is? Does the urge sometimes get you going? Click the Picture!

Does a laugh, cough, or sneeze, cause a leak? Click the Picture!

The path

Before starting any therapy, it's very important to establish a baseline for your condition.  This is done utilizing a voiding diary to establish what your condition looks like without help and before utilizing any treatments.  This is also necessary to do as we follow our pathway to compare what's providing benefits and how much.

There's a very distinct road to follow in getting help with bladder issues.  It starts with utilizing conservative therapies such as diet changes, pelvic floor exercises, and bladder control strategies.  If these methods don't solve the problem the next step would be trying bladder medications combined with conservative therapies.  If this still does not resolve the issues a nerve test would be the next option. Bladder medications work on the muscles surrounding the bladder.  The bladder nerve test focuses to see if the problem with the bladder is nerve related rather than muscle related.  The nerve test can then tell us if there's another option other than treating the muscles and leading us to the Advanced Therapies. These consist of different ways of using gentle nerve stimulation for relief or potentially utilizing Onabotulinumtoxin A (Botox) to paralyze the muscles of bladder. 

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