Bowel Incontinence

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) defines bowel control problems as "the inability to hold a bowel movement until reaching a bathroom."

Millions of Americans struggle with Bowel Leakage on a daily basis.  It's one of those topics that is embarrassing and often hushed upon.  According to the NAFC (National Association For Continence), 1 out of 5 women deal with accidental bowel leakage or fecal incontinence. 

The good news is that when discussed and diagnosed, Fecal Incontinence or accidental bowel leakage can be treated and often cured.  



Fecal Incontinence issues can vary but are often related to muscular or nerve damage caused by surgery, straining, genetics, diet, childbirth, diabetes, or other spinal injuries.  


Diet is an easy and effective treatment option.  High fiber foods, including whole wheat grains, vegetables, and products containing psyllium can help with loose stool along with supplements such as Metamucil.

Another option is Sacral Neuromodulation. Sacral Neuromodulation for bowel incontinence has a success rate of 83% and a cure rate of 47%.  This option first requires a nerve test .  This is a non-invasive test that delivers results within a matter of days and provides the option of Sacral Neuromodulation.  Sacral Neuromodulation restores the communication from the bowels to the brain normalizing function.  Please fill out the questionnaire as it is related to the bowels if you'd like to contact us about treatment options.

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